Track every change that takes place on a PC


  • Tracks even the smallest changes
  • Straightforward and light on resources


  • Reports can sometimes be too technical

Not bad

VerifyMyPCTM is great for those who have to administer a network of PC's or those worried about changes being made to their PC's by other users or external threats. It can also help in diagnosing damage from viruses and malware, identifying unnecessary applications, damaged drivers and failed software upgrades. The program works by taking a snapshot of the computer system every day. The snapshot is compared to a baseline of the system from the previous day and the important changes are extracted from the differences. From that, VerifyMyPC analyzes everything and explains changes to the system in fairly simple terms.

You'll find this particularly helpful if you often have to help people with technical issues. By pinpointing exactly when things started going wrong, VerfiyMyPC will look at all the important changes made to the system around that particular time and you can identify exactly what the user has done wrong to their system. It's also useful for those that are worried about users trying to make unauthorised changes to their PC.

The program is very simple - there are no fancy interfaces, just a straight forward report of changes. It does it's job very effectively and runs discreetly although the reports may read a little complicated to those users that are not to computer literate.

VerifyMyPC is a change, tracking and management tool that watches for important changes to computers running Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

VerifyMyPCTM is the ideal tool to aid IT personnel in the removal and repair of damage from viruses, spyware, and other potential threats to networks and PC's.




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